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Learn to solve problems in physics and maths by applying your conceptual understanding.

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List of all my articles

IIT Prearation Part -1 : - In this article, I have tried to explain the real importance of the 11th and 12th syllabus for an Indian science student. I have explained that once into the 11th class, how a student needs to change his approach of study. A must read for any student who wishes to make a life in science or engineering.



IIT Preparation Part-2 : In this article I have discussed that how a student should start his studies in the 11th class to get a solid foundation for his IIT preparation. Most importantly, I have discussed the role of an IIT-Coaching Institute in the beginning .Whether a student should join an institute from the very beginning or he should study the basic concepts thoroughly first ? These days most students are tempted to join a coaching for IIT preparation the moment they emter the 11th class - this article examines the phenomenon in great detail. A must read for every parent of 11th class science students in India.



IIT Preparation Part-3 : In this article I have given a plan of study that a 11th class science student should follow. This plan will work like wonders for someone who aspire to clear the JEE(Main) / JEE Advanced / SAT kind of exams with good marks.


General Study Techniques : I have seen that many students work really very hard but still they do not get desired success in exams and entrance tests. Main reason for this is : wrong techniques used by such students in their studies....



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